What are Rich Snippets and How Can They Help Your Online Marketing Efforts?

If you haven’t heard of rich snippets, it’s a good thing your here.

First question your probably asking: So what exactly are Rich Snippets and how should you use them?

Rich snippets are relatively new markup tags in which Google introduced in 2009.  They were created to help Google provide better information in their search results.

Here are screenshot examples:

Example of Rich Snippet in the SERP
Example of Rich Snippet in the SERP

Example of a Rich Snippet Source Code
Example of a Rich Snippet Source Code

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Next Question:  How can they help?

There are two big ways Rich Snippets can help your online marketing efforts:

  1. Improved SEO – By helping Google identify the important and relevant information, you are increasing the chance of your site showing up higher in the search results.
  2. Improved CTR– By allowing Google to show Rich Snippets in the SERP, you are helping to make your ad look more attractive to users.

    And the more attractive you can make your ad the more likely your ad is going to be clicked on, increasing your click through rate.